About Us


Founded in 2008 in Greece, SciCo began with a group of “crazy scientists” dedicated to communicating scientific issues to the public through innovative and entertaining means.

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Founder and General Manager of SciCo, Theo Anagnostopoulos

Theo is a social entrepreneur, a science communicator and a public speaker. He is the Founder and General Manager of SciCo, an international social enterprise aiming to make science simple and understandable to the public. He holds a PhD in Medical Genetics from Kings College London and his Post-Doctoral Research work was in hereditary cancer. In 2011 he was nominated by UNESCO Greece for the Kalinga Science Popularization Prize and in 2012 he trained with Al Gore to become one of the Climate Reality Project Ambassadors. Since 2013 he is the President of the Onassis Foundation Scholar’s Association. In February 2017 he won the British Council Alumni UK social Impact Award. He is the first Greek to become an Ashoka Fellow. Theo has travelled to 85 countries in six continents.


The goal of SciCo USA is to implement STEM-based mentorship programs in underserved middle schools throughout the nation and, thus, increase student retention. The mentorship program is based on the School Lab model outlined by the overhead organization, SciCo. Currently, SciCo USA is partnered with Communities and Schools of Central Texas, an organization that helps identify schools in the Austin area that have significant need for counseling and mentoring services for its students.

SciCo USA’s commitment to fostering student interest in higher education introduces students to a new way of learning that combines traditional guidance from teachers with the mentoring of young scientists from undergraduate universities. Rather than prioritizing the immediate lesson plan, as many comparable outreach programs do, SciCo USA uses STEM related topics as a means for communication and relationship building. By collaborating with existing outreach programs, we can incorporate lessons plans that have been found to engage students and peak their interest in STEM.

Our program is unique in that it capitalizes on the various interests and backgrounds of mentors and, thus, provides students with flexible teaching methods that can address their individual needs. The mentorship program will help students build personal relationships with people working in fields they may be interested in and to discover the various career paths they can pursue.